About De Haan SE

Our expertise, innovations and range of state-of-art products help to get the job done.

A leading company: globally active

De Haan SE is a prominent world player in the field of lifting blocks and steel wire rope sockets. We have been producing and supplying our products to national and international organisations from the north of the Netherlands since 1898. Both standard products and custom work are produced entirely in-house. Our customers have one central point of contact and can count on De Haan to provide fast and workable advice based on a high level of expertise. We contribute to the continuity of the production process of the offshore and onshore industry and guarantee the consistent quality of the product life cycle of our products.

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The concrete factors of the strategy of De Haan Special Equipment

The strategy of De Haan Special Equipment is translated into concrete factors. They are geared to guaranteeing excellent deliveries to our clients and to offering a challenging work environment to our employees. We always strive towards further sales and profit growth in the long term, which ensures the continuity of our organisation. Our mission’s success and the objectives mentioned before are not just to measure our sales, however; we are aware of the great importance of the value and appreciation that clients extend to us.

Our mission: contributing to the success of the client

De Haan Special Equipment contributes to the continuity and quality of the client’s work process with solid advice and quality products. As an ambitious service provider, we supply optimum service all over the world; we translate wishes into solid products, such as lifting blocks and steel wire rope sockets for onshore and offshore application areas.

With the help of this mission – based on extensive know-how and many years of experience – we offer added value. We proactively participate in our clients’ processes in innovative ways. We focus on the interest of the client as well as on the applicable quality and safety requirements. This is how De Haan Special Equipment guarantees its prominent position as a market leader.

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The safety, functionality and completeness of De Haan SE

Safety, functionality and completeness of the end product are important factors in De Haan SE’s work processes. We want to serve our clients in a service-oriented and flexible way. To make our service level transparent, we offer you insight into our qualities.

The conditions for optimal performance

  • Availability
  • 3D Engineering
  • Just in time supply
  • Technical advise
  • Commercial department
  • Digital offer inquiry
  • Digital product platform
  • In-house production

A full service product and service provider

At De Haan Special Equipment, all employees contribute to the success of the organization. The certified Quality Management System plays an important role in the working process of De Haan Special Equipment.

Design and advice

De Haan Special Equipment has an innovative design department, where employees collaborate with other departments and the client. New innovative products are also developed here and orders are optimally prepared for production here. The existing products are also viewed with a critical eye and, if necessary, adjusted according to the most recent technical developments. Quality and safety are first and foremost in all of this.

Production facilities

The production process is set up in such a way that the client’s wish can be met quickly and short delivery times can be achieved. De Haan Special Equipment has its own complete production facility, where all our products and parts are processed and assembled. This enables us to respond to the specific wishes of clients very quickly. All processes can be carried out in-house by our expert production personnel.

Distribution and after sales

After production, the correct distribution of the products is ensured. Safety and guarantee of supply are priorities in this. All deliveries are packaged sea- and air- freight-worthy. The products can also be delivered in special packaging if required. The parties involved are informed optimally about delivery times and, of course, the correct delivery.

Many years of experience due to a rich history

De Haan SE originally dealt in the manufacturing of ropes for marine applications, starting in 1898. For more than a century since then, the company has continuously developed further, while focusing on innovations, product improvements and optimisation of processes and services. De Haan SE has enriched this history with knowledge and experience that we are able to apply in the operations of our business on a daily basis.