Test load certificate for hook blocks and ball weights

De Haan SE is able to carry out tests between 2 and 350 tonne loads in-house. The certificate comes with a diagram with accompanying instructions for using the products and a material certificate if it has a hook. The certificate has an identification number (H…) on it, as well as a description of the item, the test load applied, safe loads and date of issue.

Fully ISO 9001:2015 certified

De Haan Special Equipment is fully ISO 9001:2015-certified. Together with our complete portfolio, this certification is the proof that with us you are assured of a professional partner who puts quality and safety first. All products are manufactured or treated with a lot of care and attention by our dedicated employees. We are also able to test for technical and physical characteristics, so that we can absolutely meet your quality requirements.

With supplies from De Haan Special Equipment, you are assured of a high quality product. On request, we can subject the products to a test load on our test bench. Further testing options may consist of non-destructive, ultrasonic and/or magnetic testing. If desired, these tests and examinations can be done under the supervision of an official inspection body.

Factory certificate if desired

A factory certificate can be drawn up for delivery of sockets, if so desired. This certificate comes with material certificates for the sockets. This certificate has stated on it the type of socket, the quantity ordered, the wire diameter, the minimum breaking load, the safe load and the charge numbers of the socket.

We always provide a II-B Declaration

We always provide a II-B declaration with a delivery of open wedge sockets. The II-B declaration indicates that the product meets the machine directive (for 98/37/EC) and that the product can only be put into use when it has been properly combined into a larger unit.

Expertise in welding

Welding requires expertise and professional skill. De Haan SE is one of the few companies that meet the high welding qualifications that are recognized and certified by GSI SLV Saarbrücken.

In addition, we are also ISO 3834-2:2005-certified – which is related to the application areas, performance classifications, welding processes, parent materials and welding coordination of the production process – and EN 1090-2:2008- certified for welding work. Finally, De Haan SE has the DIN 18800-7 – certificate.

Our welding certifications show that De Haan SE can safely weld high quality welding constructions for critical sectors offshore and heavy lifting. All this is done is in accordance with approved procedures and with qualified welders. We meet the high quality demands for welding tools and welding work. The certificates are the proof that you are assured of an organisation that puts quality and safety first; both in the process and for the end product.

Quality monitoring according to IIW Guidelines

De Haan SE works with highly trained employees that are qualified to guarantee the consistent quality and safety of our products. We have technicians, engineers and inspectors that are all trained according to the guidelines of the International Institute of Welding.

Certified sockets and swivels

The design of our CR Sockets is certified in accordance with the DNV and ABS Offshore Mooring standards. In addition to the CR sockets, we also supply other sockets or custom products. The CR sockets are certified under the Type Approval DNV-OS-E304 Offshore Mooring and the ABS standard for Offshore Mooring Chain. De Haan SE is certified by DNV and ABS with an Approval of Manufacturer for long-term and mobile mooring.

JQS Qualified

De Haan Special Equipment has been approved as a qualified supplier for the oil and gas industry by Achilles Norway. Achilles JQS (Joint Qualification System) is a database system in which only qualified suppliers are registered for the oil and gas industry. The database can be consulted by the industry to search for qualified suppliers for their supply chain. The certification enables us to attract potential buyers and in addition, Achilles JQS is a valuable management tool with supplier information, which can be used to support the relationship between the buyers and suppliers in our industry. We are very happy to be part of this first-rate network.

Lifting Equipment Engineers Association

We are full member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA). This globally acknowledged quality label is leading in the lifting industry. In order to become a member, our organization has been audited on technical aspects and overall quality.

Manufacturing Certificates

  • Approved manufacturer of Steel Wire Ropes
  • Approved manufacturer of forged chain cable accessoiries
  • Certificate of Re-Marking
  • Certificate of Renewal
  • ISO 3834-2:2021
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • JQS Certificate of Qualification
  • Manufacturing Assessment Hook(blocks), mooring sockets & swivels
  • Welding Certificate
  • Schweiss-zertifikat
  • DIN 18800 – 7:2008-11
  • LEAA Certificate of Membership 2023-2024

Type Approvals

  • Type Approval Swivels
  • Type Approval ST-0378 OSS+CSS+CR Sockets
  • Type Approval Offshore Mooring Steel Wire CR Sockets
  • Mooring Swivel CRX 2+2,5+3+3,5+4 Inch R5
  • Mooring Swivel CRX 2+2,5+3+3,5+4 Inch R4
  • Mooring Socket CR 512-540 Material Grade ASTM 487 Grade Q10
  • Mooring Socket CR 512-540

Product certificates