About cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information stored by a browser on your computer, smartphone or other device. In case of so-called tracking cookies, this information is also stored on the website provider’s server or on the server used by dehaan-se.com. The use of cookies may enable visitors to automatically log in to a website again, but also helps dehaan-se.com improve its services based on the visitor’s intended use. Cookies are not harmful to your computer and can be deleted by you in your browser at any time. The cookies will be valid until they have been deleted by you.

The dehaan-se.com website carefully handles the data it has obtained and will ensure that its data processing operations comply with applicable laws and regulations. The dehaan-se.com website is not responsible or liable for the way cookies are used by third parties, such as the responsibilities of the websites to which visitors can link or otherwise use, for instance social media providers including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

View the information we store in cookies. At the bottom of this page you will find an overview of the cookies that may be installed.

Your consent
When visiting the dehaan-se.com website, you will be asked to consent to the storage and use of tracking cookies.

Overview of cookies
This website uses cookies. To give you an understanding of the information stored in them, we have listed these cookies for you. Below, you will find cookies listed by name, with a description of how they work. You will also find the domain in which the information may be used and when cookies are deleted.

dehaan-se.com uses a number of cookies to ensure that the website works properly. This may include tracking user settings and preferences.

  • session – To restore the session
  • Play video – Videos are offered on De Haan SE using YouTube as a tool
  • VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE – To identify unique visitors
  • PREF – For measuring the type of player, e.g. Flash
  • use_hitbox – For measuring interactions within a video
  • __cfduid (1j) – browser-update.org. – To check the browser version and possibly show a browser update notification
  • cookieconsent_status – To store consent for installing tracking cookies

Measuring web statistics
On this website, De Haan SE uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”).

Google Analytics uses “analytical cookies” (text files installed on your computer) to help analyse the use of the website. This information allows De Haan SE to improve the quality and effectiveness of its website.

The use of these analytical cookies does not require the prior consent of website visitors, provided that De Haan SE complies with the 4 steps included in the ‘Handleiding privacyvriendelijk instellen van Google Analytics’ (‘Guide to setting up Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly way’).

De Haan SE meets the above 4 steps and informs you about this as follows:

  1. De Haan SE has entered into a processor agreement with Google.
  2. De Haan SE has set up Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly way, which means that the information is anonymised as much as possible. De Haan SE has chosen to mask the last octet of the IP address.
  3. De Haan SE has deactivated “Data sharing with Google” in Google Analytics’ default settings. This means that the information collected is not shared with Google or anyone else. Neither has De Haan SE allowed Google to use the information obtained for other Google services.
  4. De Haan SE informs visitors about the use of Google Analytics on its website.

Read more about Google Analytics

  • _ga – To identify unique visitors
  • _gat_UA-10058504-1 – To regulate communication with Google Analytics
  • __utma – To identify unique visitors
  • __utmb – To determine the visitor’s session
  • __utmc – To determine the visitor’s session
  • __utmd – To mask visitors’ IP addresses
  • __utmt – To check the number of requests
  • __utmz – To track traffic sources and navigation
  • ___utmv – To store custom variables
  • ___utmx – For the distribution of visitors across variants in A/B testing