Our Qualities
Our Qualities

The conditions for optimum performance

Safety and completeness of the end product are important in the work processes used by De Haan SE. De Haan SE also wishes to serve its clients in a service-oriented and flexible way. To make our service level transparent, we offer you insight into our qualities: Availability, 3D engineering, Just In Time supply, Technical advice, Commercial department, Digital offer inquiry and Digital product platform.


De Haan works on the basis of an efficient production process and excellent supply management of a wide product range: Steel wire rope sockets from 6 to 170 mm, tightening screws, snatch blocks, crane blocks, swivels, etc. The availability of quality products is great, thanks to a solid network of suppliers and our own production facilities. Read more about this in Just In Time supply.

An overview of all products can be found on the product platform.

3D engineering

De Haan SE offers solutions for technical challenges. Our engineering team not only caters to the wishes of our clients, we also look ahead to the developments in the market. This enables us to always be in the lead with the best and most reliable innovations.

Just In Time supply

We add to the speed of offer and delivery with a ‘Just In Time supply’ (JIT), which we achieved in part by implementing a QRM system in our organisation. Our work is based on an optimum infrastructure with our suppliers, well thought-out distribution of our supplies and supply management and production process implemented entirely in-house.

Technical advice

De Haan SE works with engineers who feel responsible for optimum advice. The dialogue with the client is very important in this. A problem-solving capacity and accurate identification of wishes and requirements are vitally important. The result is excellent advice that offers the right foundation for optimum products.

Commercial department

The commercial department of De Haan SE supervises the orders from start to finish. The high level of service is guaranteed, because we know our clients and we advise proactively where possible. The employees who communicate with you know a lot about the products and ensure client-focused coordination of your orders.

Digital offer inquiry

De Haan SE communicates using media that are proactive and meet the latest technical options. On our website we offer our clients the option to submit a digital request for a quotation. Our commercial department will subsequently contact you and provide you with the information you need. 

Digital product platform

De Haan SE sets great store by permanent availability of product information. Relevant product introductions are communicated directly to our clients. Our client can find very detailed general and current product information on our website at the digital product platform.