Work process
Work process


At De Haan Special Equipment, all employees contribute to the success of the organisation. The quality management system plays an important role in the work processes of De Haan Special Equipment.

Design and advice

De Haan Special Equipment has an innovative design department, where employees collaborate with other departments and the client. New innovative products are also developed here and orders are optimally prepared for production here. The existing products are also viewed with a critical eye and, if necessary, adjusted according to the most recent technical developments. Quality and safety are first and foremost in all of this.


The production process is set up in such a way that the client’s wish can be met quickly and short delivery times can be achieved. De Haan Special Equipment has its own complete production facility, where all our products and parts are processed and assembled. This enables us to respond to the specific wishes of clients very quickly. All processes can be carried out in-house by our expert production personnel.

Distribution and after-sales

After production, the correct distribution of the products is ensured. Safety and guarantee of supply are priorities in this. All deliveries are packaged sea- and air- freight-worthy. The products can also be delivered in special packaging if required. The parties involved are informed optimally about delivery times and, of course, the correct delivery.

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