Job openings
Job openings


De Haan Special Equipment is always looking for talent. De Haan Special Equipment’s personnel policy is geared to offering employees room for creativity and professional development. Employees are motivated by being directly involved in the development of new products and processes.

At the moment there are no vacancies. 

Open applications

Do you have something to contribute to our organization? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Send us your CV and cover letter and we may invite you for an orientation interview.


We maintain close connections with various educational institutions with respect to internships. We believe it is important for young people to gain practical experience in addition to the theoretical knowledge they obtain at school. That is why De Haan SE makes a number of internship places available at different levels and departments within our organisation.

De Haan SE has been recognised as a training company by the nationwide institution KC-Handel, the Stichting ECABO and the Kenteq. Does De Haan SE seem like a good place to complement our organization with your knowledge? Send your CV with a cover letter and we may be able to offer you a great internship.


De Haan Special Equipment is aware of the development in the labour market and the threatening general shortage of skilled technical personnel. That is why, in cooperation with various courses, De Haan Special Equipment offers work placements and work-and-study places to students in the region. Ask your educational institution for more information if you would like to do a work placement with us.