De Haan SE has been working with met Quick Response Manufacturing since 2012. The constant interaction between stock management, efficiency, cost reduction and request for customization demands an effective solution for the production process. This method for improving the processes has by now proven itself, not only at De Haan SE, but within the entire Dutch industrial sector. David Kemps (ABN AMRO) has submitted a report about the developments for Insights.

Nearly 20 years ago, Professor Rayan Suri published his first book about Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM). In 2015, this method is in the spotlight due to its decisive results. With today’s far fiercer international competition and unabating pressure on the high costs, many industrialists have to readjust their companies to the ‘low volume, high mix’ demands by customers. Production processes nowadays are still organised on maximum efficiency while customers demand customization and flexibility. This creates conflicts. QRM helps increase the effectiveness of production and thereby improve customer satisfaction. Kemps is convinced that QRM will change Dutch industry. He lists five reasons with which De Haan SE, as an experienced user, definitely concurs.

  • QRM provides a competitive edge by means of shorter turnaround times of orders. 
  • QRM was designed for customized work, larger orders and more variety. 
  • QRM ensures satisfied customers and employees through interaction between the customer and the manufacturer. 
  • The interaction within the QRM system between suppliers, office, factory floor and transporters increases their mutual interdependence, but it also results in faster delivery. 
  • QRM has already proven to be a success story for Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises that continues to stimulate their development.

Read the entire article in Insights of ABN AMRO or find out about the qualities of Haan SE.
Source: ABN AMRO Insights