De Haan SE participates in the realization of the storm surge in Venice

Venice, Italian city of water, is known for its beautiful architecture and water roads. Although the city lives due to the tourism its water attracts, it evolves a continuous struggle to keep the city preserved.

A couple of times a year Venice is hit by flood. The rising sea level and the prolapse of the city causes flooding. To prevent further damage, a storm surge barrier is realized. The water level at high tide should be regulated by a storm surge and over 70 steelmade  “swinging doors " in the Venice Lagoon. 

De Haan SE provides eight lifting blocks  for this project, each with a lifting capacity of 500,000 pounds. The lifting blocks produced fully compliant RINA label and will be delivered and additionally installed with a lifting block that De Haan SE has supplied as well.

With this project De Haan contributes to the placement of the storm surge barrier and protecting European heritage.