Heavy-duty cranes for the mining industry need to be able to carry extra-heavy and dangerous loads. All equipment and parts must be protected against corrosion from heat, dust, moisture and continual use. De Haan Special Equipment offers a wide range of lifting equipment that can withstand the toughest conditions. Our products are used for multiple applications in the mining sector.

De Haan SE provides an intelligent approach to designing and producing lifting equipment to reduce costs and time to market in mining projects. Our work processes and equipment are designed to optimise timelines, improve efficiency and enhance safety in the mining industry. With our experienced engineering department we are able to quickly (re)act to challenging situations that require a prompt response and innovative solution.

Our heavy lifting product range consists of lifting blocks, rigging equipment such as snatch blocks, construction blocks and steel wire rope sockets.

All equipment is manufactured to international engineering standards and supplied with certificates for material, manufacturing and safety testing.

We are committed to developing and improving the best equipment with an optimal price/quality ratio in the mining industry!