General Products

De Haan Special Equipment BV develops and supplies Hookblocks and Steel Wire Rope Sockets for manufacturers of port, ship, factory and mobile cranes and for companies that process products with steel wires, such as in the offshore industry. Our general products are specially geared to the rest of our product range. For example, take a look at our Turnbuckles, Construction Blocks and Lead Sheaves.

  • HD Turnbuckle Eye Eye
  • HD Turnbuckle Jaw Jaw
  • HD Turnbuckle Eye Jaw
  • Light Type Snatchblock
    • SWL USTons: 3,6 - 18,7 inch
    • SWL Mtons: 3,25 - 17 mm
  • Light Type Snatchblock with Safety Window
  • Heavy type Snatchblock
    • SWL USTons: 18,7 - 275,6 inch
    • SWL Mtons: 17 - 250 mm
  • Construction Block with Eye
  • Construction Block with Jaw

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