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The Closed Spelter Socket from the standard series has a wide range of applications as a steel wire rope socket for general use in any situation and under various conditions. If the minimum breaking load of the wire is not higher than that of the Closed Spelter Socket, a 100% breaking load of the socket-wire combination is guaranteed.

For more information about the Closed Spelter Sockets, see our ‘Warning & Application Instructions‘.

Your wire supplier can provide you with information about the minimum breaking load of the Closed Spelter Socket with wire. To ensure that our product information is uniform and up-to-date, these product specifications of the Closed Spelter Sockets are also presented in English.

Material: Cast steel
Working Load Limit: 20% of the MBL
Finish: Painted or Galvanised (<Type No. 100 standard galvanised)
Temperature Range: -40°C up to 200°C / -40°F up to 392°F
Standard Certificates: Certificate of Conformity, 3.1 Material Certificate EN 10204

These sockets include our non-rotating system (NRS-system) which prevents the tamp from turning or slipping out of the cone and guarantees a high performance connection.
Non-standard sizes or custom products available on request.

Key features
With pin or with safety pin
Rope Ø min. ¼ inch – max. 6 ½ inch
Rope Ø min. 6-7 mm – max. 158-167 mm

  • Type Approval ST-0378 OSS+CSS+CR Sockets
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  • Type Approval ST-0378 OSS+CSS+CR Sockets