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Product key features
  • SWL USTons: 3,6 - 18,7 inch
  • SWL Mtons: 3,25 - 17 mm
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A Snatchblock is constructed in such a way that reeving is easy, because one of the side plates can be opened. If there is an end connection on the wire, it will not have to be taken off. The eye of the Snatchblock fits on the standard D-shackle or bow shackle.

The light models of our Snatchblocks are available from 3 to 18 inches and in wire diameters of 8 to 25 mm. Due to the light-weight construction, the Snatchblocks can quickly and easily be used for various purposes. Snatchblocks are also available with the accompanying shackle.

Material: Mild steel
Safety Factor: 4 times
Finish: Painted RAL 5013
Temperature Range: -20°C up to +180°C  / -4°F up to 356 °F
Standard Certificates: Certificate of Conformity, 3.1 Material Certificate EN 10204

Groove size can be modified on request for customized rope sizes.

Key features
Swiveling stud-eye
Can be opened (one sided)

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