In addition to the existing CR swivels, De Haan Special Equipment presents a unique mooring swivel - the CRX swivel. The CRX swivel is the first to be presented worldwide and is a fully qualified mooring swivel according to the DNV-OS-E302 certification. The prototypes of the CRX swivel were tested with 300,000 load changes and have passed the tests successfully. With this result, this swivel meets the highest quality necessary to earn the DNV-OS-E302 certification. The swivels are also available in lower certification classes.
De Haan Special Equipment delivers swivels worldwide for various purposes. The products are widely used in standard cranes, large construction projects, offshore and underwater applications. The CRX mooring swivel is specifically designed for offshore applications. The CRX swivel is the same size as the chain link to which it is connected so that is can be applied in unlimited situations.
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